Classroom Activity Options Grades K-2:


Soldier Dress Up- A classroom volunteer is dressed in the gear soldiers wear, including the battle dress uniform, bullet proof vest, back pack, helmet, MOPP suit, and face paint. Each piece of equipment is explained.


Soldier Hand Signals- Students will learn basic military hand signals and practice communicating with each other.


Military Alphabet- Students will learn how to say the military (phonetic) alphabet and practice spelling words to each other.


Book Illustrations- Students will learn about the book writing process and create their own illustration for a "new page" in the book.


*Activities will vary based on teacher preference and availability.










Classroom Activity Options Grades 3-6:


Map Reading- Students will learn how soldiers use maps and read symbols and elevation on topographic maps.


Camouflage- Students will learn the principles of personal camouflage and practice camouflaging their faces.


Soldier Radio Communication- Students will learn the common words used for radio communication in conjunction with the phonetic alphabet, and practice giving radio messages to each other.


Book Writing- Students will learn about the process involved in writing the book, and create their own pages for a "new section" in the book.


*Activities will vary based on teacher preference and availability.











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